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Arunachal Pradesh : - is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Eastern India. The state is a treasure trove of magnificent flora and fauna and offers splendid panoramic views of Himalaya. There are many tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh. These include places of religious importance, scenic locations, reserve forests, as well as the villages of the state where tourists can experience tribal ways of life. The tourist spots with religious importance include the Parashuram kund, believed to be the place where the mythological Parashuram had washed his sins, and the 400 year old Tawang monastery.

Wildlife is an important aspect of tourism in Arunachal Pradesh. The state has two national parks, eight wildlife sanctuaries and a biosphere reserve. The Namdapha National Park is also a tiger reserve and covers a vast expanse from valleys to snow clad mountains. . The forests of Arunachal Pradesh are home to about 5000 plants, 85 land mammals and over 500 birds besides a large number of butterflies, insects and reptiles. Elephants, tigers, leopards, white browed gibbon, and musk deer are the important animals found here. Hornbill, white winged duck, green pigeon, Bengal Florican and Sclater Mongal are some of the birds spotted in these forests.



Main Cities / Town


Itanagar ,   the capital City of Arunachal Pradesh.


Itanagar, the capital city of the state of Arunachal Pradesh also as known as 'the Land of the Dawn Lit Mountains', is nestled on top of low flat hills. Placed amidst a beautiful and booming surroundings with a pampering climate, Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh offers a lovely and lively atmosphere for the tourist to Arunachal Pradesh. Remnants of a old palace and other such monuments boast of the glorious past of the city . Some historians identify Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh with the ancient 11th century BC capital of Mayapur, under the Jitari dynasty. Itanagar today is divided into two parts, each 10 km apart from each other, with the older one named Naharlagun.


Main attraction of Itanagar


Tourists can visit many places of interest here which are evidences of glorious past of the state. Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum, The Buddhist Temple, Ganga Lake (Gyaker Sinyi), The State Museum and Polo Park are  main tourist  attractions .

Tawang :-
This region is a home of the Monpa tribes and a prominent place of the Mahayana Buddhists sect. It’s a  center of Buddhism nestles the oldest Buddhist Monastery. or Gompa locally called as the 'Galden Namgyal Lhatse' overlooking the vale of Tawang. It is just perfect for adventure sports like trekking and hiking. The other attractions of the place are the mighty mountains, deep vales, torrential waterfalls and infinite lakes and Tawanchu river

Basar :-
It is census town and a shelter for tribal communities like Adi, Memba and Khamba. You can visit the popular Tibetan Buddhist temple, Mechuka Gompa here.

Bomdila :-
If you want to relax in the lap of nature visit Bomdila where you get to see the illustrious landscape, mountains wearing a scarf of snow, apple groves, pleasant weather, affectionate people and Buddhist Monasteries. This terrain is apt for trekking and hiking expeditions. Check out the Crafts Center manufacturing finest of the carpets with unique hues and motifs.

Bhalukpong Tipii :- A botanical delight, an orchidarium at Tipi, showcases 300 species of flora and fauna. Turbulent water falls, Perennially fresh forests, and lavish expanse gives opportunity for photo adventure. The rambling Kameng river is hot spot for white water rafting and angling.

TawangMalithien :- This legendary land located in the Siang foothills is associated with Lord Krishna. A number of pilgrims flock to this place revering this dilapidated temple site. The classical Akashi Ganga waterfalls, exotic view of titanic Brahmaputra River and its tributaries attracts many tourists.

Ziro :-
Picturesque Ziro is located on the Apatani Plateau. It becomes a tourist attraction with its exquisite   landscapes and tribal culture. This spot is surrounded by snow peaked mountains from all sides. The modest rivers Subansiri, Nishi, Apatani, Dafla, and Miri add up to the charm of the place. Enjoy a TRIBAL TOUR in this region and have a rendezvous with the Apatani tribes to know about their culture, traditions and lifestyle. Besides you can also enjoy wildlife tour Do not miss out on visiting Tarin, the high-altitude fish farm, the famous whispering pine grove and the craft centre. Enjoy watching sunrise from the hilltop where the sun rays touch you to make you fell the awe of nature.

PasighatHaflong :- Visit this hilly terrain if you are looking for enchanting natural scenic charm. Blossoming blue orchards and pera, pineapple and oranges are the main attractions of Haflong. Summing up to its beauty is the lake 'Haflong Lake' in the city.

Pashighat :- If you wish to see suzerainty of nature

visit Pashighat and experience on your own what a pacifying influence you will have here. It is the oldest city of the state and acts as the 'Gateway to the state of Arunachal Pradesh'. Indulge in photography adventure or feel the charisma of nature. The stately Brahmaputra acquires the name of Siang from hereon and meanders to Tibet.


Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh


Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary :- Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary is located to the northeast of Anini the headquarters of the Upper Dibang Valley district in Arunachal Pradesh. Lying in the lush Dibang Valley, Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 4149 sq km. The surrounding area of the sanctuary is inhabiting by the Idu Mishmi tribes.


Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh is spread over an area of about 140.30 sq. km with rare and varied species of flora & fauna. Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary Arunachal Pradesh is actually in Naharlagun, the other part of Itanagar, the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh.


National Park in Arunachal Pradesh


Mouling National Park :- There are numerous accommodations for the tourists near the sanctuary. Hotels, Circuit House, Forest and PWD Inspection Bunglows are available with all required facilities and amenities. 
The Ecosystem of Mouling National Park :- The ecosystem of the sanctuary is rich in flora & fauna. There are varied species of wildlife with some rare to find animals, birds and plantations. The wild life that can be seen in this sanctuary are hoolock gibbon, leopard, red panda, elephant, tiger, etc


Fair & Festivals of Arunachal Pradesh


The tribes of Arunachal Pradesh celebrates the moments of life by observing various fairs and festivals. Each tribe has its own festival associated with husbandry and to seek blessings from God, to pay Him gratitude of good harvest. Some of the important festivals are Solung, Mopin, Losar, Boori Boot, Dree, Nechi Dau, Khan, Kshyat-Sowai, Loku, Longte Yullo, Mol, Nyokum, Ojiale, Reh, Sanken, Si-Donyi and Tamladu. These festivals are celebrated by folk tribal dance and music. Few festivals of relative importance are the Festivals of Apatani (Myokoh, Dree and Murung), Festivals of Nishi (Siron Molo Socham, Nyokum, Yulo), Festivals of Monpa (Losar, Jomu and Chosker), Festivals of Adi (Mopin and Solung), Festivals of Idu (Reh), Festivals of Bangni (Mlokom yulo and other festivals), Festivals of Tazin (Si-Doni), Festivals of Hill Miri (Boori Boot ).

The 'Solung' festival of 'Adis' is a five day feast for seeking happiness and prosperity. It is celebrated in order to have a plentiful harvest, to raise more mithuns and pigs and also to be free from natural casualties and calamities. Celebrated by the Gallong community of Adis there is another festival 'Mopin' to avoid natural calamities, epidemics evil effects of bad spirits and for good yield, health, wealth and prosperity. A grand celebration lasts for five days in the month of April.



Dance / Music of Arunachal Pradesh

Dance and music is synonymous to the jubilating spirit in the state. It is an essential part of each tribe of Arunachal. Men and women, young and old all take part this affair of celebration. People dance on certain occasions, rituals, festivals or simply for vegging out. You can find many folk dances in Arunachal Pradesh as Aji Lamu (Monpa), Roppi (Nishing), Buiya (Nishing), Hurkani (Apatani), Popir (Adi), Pasi Kongki (Adi), Chalo (Nocte), Ponung (Adi), Rekham Pada (Nishing), Lion and Peacock dance (Monpa). These songs are best accompanied by folk songs sung by the people in a chorus and the musical instrument played like drums and cymbals.


Dances form a vital element in the zest and joy of living of the tribals. They vary from highly stylized religious dance dramas of the Buddhists to the martial steps and colourful performances of the Noctes and Wanchos. Among the Adis, dance had evolved almost into an art form mainly for entertainment and recreation. The 'Ponung' dance of Adis is performed by teams of young girls in perfect rhythmic unison.Similar group dances in colourful costumes are performed by the Nishis and Tagins of Upper and Lower Subansiri.

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