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Jharkhand is an ancient land and a newly formed state. It was carved out of Bihar on 15th November 2000, and was constituted as the 28th state of the Union. The capital of Jharkhand is Ranchi. Jharkhand is a word developed from the original tribal language meaning "the land of the jungles." Jharkhand is considered as one of the potentially richest states in the world because of its awesome mineral reserves.

The early recorded history of Jharkhand is mired in the web of legends. According to the legends, it was traced that Raja Jai Singh Deo of Orissa in the 13th century declared himself as the ruler of Jharkhand. Jharkhand was known by the name of 'Kukara' region during the days of the Mughal Empire.

Then, from 1765, the Britishers started ruling over the land, and from that time it was named and known as 'Jharkhand.' Although Jharkhand was demarcated from the state of Bihar in the year 2000, but the movement for a separate state of Jharkhand was started during the early 1900s.

Main Cities / Towns

Ranchi , the Capital city of Jharkhand

Ranchi is the capital of the newly founded state of Jharkhand. It is located in the Chhotanagpur valley at an altitude of 2,150 feet above sea level. The picture perfect location includes waterfalls, hills, and lush green valleys. Its cool climate and various attractions of historical importance make it a popular tourist destination. Ranchi used to be the summer capital and health resort of Bihar state with its scenic surroundings and crisp mountain air.

Ranchi Hill also offers panoramic views that includes Tagore Hill, Ranchi Lake, Shiva Temple; Gonda Hill, Kanke Dam and Rock Garden are about 4 km. away from Ranchi; Tagore Hill is about 3 km. away from Ranchi, Jagannathpur Temple and Hill is about 10 km. away from Ranchi and Sun Temple which is about 39 km. away from Ranchi.

Tourist attraction of Ranchi

Ranchi :- Once, Ranchi was the summer capital of Bihar State, nestling in the panoramic beauty of Chhotanagpur at an altitude of 2,140ft.above the sea level. Ranchi is renowned for its scenic splendor exhibited in its waterfalls, hillocks.

Netarhat :- Netarhat is an elevated land at a height of 3,700ft above the sea level covered with dense woods. Lot of tourist visits the place to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the place, the place is more famous as a picnic spot. Netarhat is 154 km west of Ranchi Town.

Hazaribagh :- Hazaribagh is famous for its wildlife national park. The park, situated in low hilly terrain, at an altitude of 1800 ft. has a bounty of wild animals, i.e. wild Boar, Sambar, Nilgai, Chital, Sloth Bear, tiger and Panthar.

Deoghar :- The city of Deoghar is famous, as one of the holy pilgrimage sites of Hindus. Baidyanath Dham situated in the Santhal Parganas of Jharkhand is famous for the Shiva-Baidyanath Temple. Basakinath Temple, Harila Joria Temple and Trikut River.

Dhanbad :- Dhanbad is one of the most important industrial towns of India. The city is surrounded by many natural resources.
Lodh Falls: 61kms from Netarhat, it is one of the biggest water falls of Jharkhand where water tumbles down from a height of 468 feet.

Dasham Falls is one of the chief tourist attractions near Ranchi. The falls is located around 40 km from the city, on Ranchi-Tata highway, in a tiny village named

Hundru falls is one of the most admired tourist attractions of Ranchi. The beautiful falls are situated on the Ranchi Purulia highway. Water of the river Swarnarekha falls from an altitude of 320 feet, and creates an amazing cascade, which are famous as Hundru falls. The Hundru falls is considered as the loftiest waterfall of the state.

Hill and Rock Garden. Gonda Hill and Rock Garden is located around four km from the city center of Ranchi, on the Kanke road. It is one of the best places to enjoy holidays. The CMPDI headquarters are located in front of the hill. There is a huge lake at the bottom of the hill known as Kanke Dam, which is a worthwhile retreat.

Johna falls are one of the most beautiful falls, located around 34 km from the city, on the Ranchi-Purulia highway. The falls are also known as Gautamdhara, named after Lord Gautam Buddha. The falls have been inviting many people for a long period. People visit these falls during their Ranchi tours.

Ranchi hill is located at a height of 2140 ft above the sea level. It serves as a famous holiday and fitness resort. Besides, the Ranchi hill is considered as a pilgrimage too, largely because of its Lord Shiva temple. Tourists can have some beautiful views of the surrounding areas from the hilltop.

Tagore hill is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. All the hills surrounding Ranchi are famous for their flora and fauna. Height of the Tagore hill is about 300 ft, and it is located around three km from the Albert Akka Chowk in Ranchi.

Topchanchi Lake: in the midst of green hills and forests, the artificial lake is 37kms away from Dhanbad and a beautiful picnic spot.

Baidyanath Dham (Deoghar): In the district of Santhal Parganas, Deoghar is a significant pilgrimage centre for the Hindus. There is a temple of Lord Shiva here.

Hundru Falls :-Ranchi is nature’s bounty to mother India which has specially been adorned with falls and streams. Hundru falls is about 28 km. aways from Ranchi town. The Swarnarekha river falls from a height of 320 feet making a wonderful scene known as Hundru falls. During rainy season it takes a formidable form but in summer it turns into an exciting picnic spot

Hirni Falls :-About 70 km. From Ranchi on way to Chakradharpur is located Hirni Falls. Having situated amidst dense forest Hirni has been favoured by nature for scenic beauties. The tourists are carried away by emotions and flight of imagination while observing Hirni.

Gonda Hill & Rock Garden

About 4 km. from G.P.O., Ranchi on Kanke Road,just in fornt of the CMPDIL Hq. Is situated the Gonda Hill with a water reservoir at its top. At the foot of the hill is a big lake known as Kanke Dam and a lucrative place for tourists.

Jannathpur Temple & Hills

About 10 km. From Ranchi G.P.O. is another sight seeing place where the tourists can rejoice and worship. The old temple of lord Jagannath ,built in 1691 in the architectural style of Puri Temple stands like a fort on the top of the in the hill. Its car/chariot festival held light part on Ashadhmas draws a big crowd comprising of tribals and non-tribals. HEC township nearby is an added attraction.

Angrabadi :-Angrabadi is actually, a temple complex which accommodates the temples of Lords Ganpati, Ram-Sita and Hanuman and Shiva. The Shankracharya Swami Swarupanand Saraswati, having been captivated by serene, placid and celestial beauty of Angrabadi rechristened it as Amreshwar Dham.

Sun Temple :-About 39 km. From Ranchi on Tata Road near Bundu stands on the desolate bush green the elegant Sun temple fashioned in the form of huge chariot with richly decorated 18 wheels and seven life like horses ready to take of. Built by Sanskrit Vihar headed by Shri Ram Maroo, the managing director of Ranchi Express, the sun temple deserves the title "a poem in stone".

Wildlife of Ranchi

Dalma wildlife sanctuary: -  the Dalma Sanctuary (193sq km) is the best elephant habitat in the state. The pachyderms love to spend their summer here. Elephants migrate to this sanctuary because of the availability of water during summer.

Betla National Park :- Palamau's Betla National Park offers a fascinating study of wild life in natural surroundings studded with forests, hills and valleys. The national park has a large variety of wild life. Once Betla had 2 tigers, 50 elephants, 800 sambhars, hundreds of wild boar and pythons as big as 15 to 20 feet. Most popular are the spotted deer seen moving in herds.

Jaivik Udyan (Zoological Park) :- About 16km from Ranchi town on Ranchi - Patna road near Ormanjhi, is the zoological garden named Jaivik Udyan.

Fairs / Festivals of Jharkhand

Kunda Mela in Pratappur :- This mela is held at the time of falgun Shivratri and is marked by a big sale of cattle.

Kolhua mela in Hunterganj  :- It is an ancient fair held twice in a year during Magh Basant panchami and chait Ramnaumi respectively. There is a beautiful lake and ancient temple of Goddess Kali on the top of the hill. Its origin is not known. It is only a religious fair.

Chatra Mela  :- This mela is said to have started from 1882 and is principally a cattle fair held during Durga Puja.

Kundri Mela in Chatra  :- The probable year of its origin is 1930 and is held on Kartik purnima and is principally a cattle fair.

Famous Dances of Jharkhand

Paika is one of the very famous dance forms of Jharkhand. In fact, it is a dance form where martial arts are mixed with some other dance steps. This is why the dance form is only performed by the male members of the society.

Chhau is one of the finest folk dances of Chhota Nagpur Plateau region. The folk dance is performed in various states that lie in this region such as West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand. The word Chhau is derived from the Sanskrit word Chhaya which implies shade, image, or mask.

Karma is a very popular folk dance of India. Though the folk dance is performed in other states such as Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, it can be enjoyed the best in Jharkhand. The folk dance is performed in the month of August during the Karma festival.

This folk dance of Jharkhand has derived its name from a tree named Karma which is considered sacred because people believe that it brings good luck and prosperity. Hence the Karma festival is nothing but a celebration for the plantation of this tree,

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